A pensioner caught short while filling up at a forecourt in Seaton, Devon, has been issued an £80 penalty notice by local police for defecating in the rear of his car and dumping the result at the pump before driving off.

In broad daylight and within full view of surveillance cameras, the 76-year-old bought and ate a pasty from the garage shop and smoked a cigarette in his car before clambering into the rear, relieving himself and using the pasty wrapper as lavatory paper.

Shocked forecourt staff at the otherwise picturesque Tower Services, an Esso-branded site in Seaton, watched incredulous as the man casually left the foul mess at the pump and made off.

Looking into the matter, PC Steve Spearlett branded it "...truly disgusting!"

After being traced the miscreant apologised and was handed an £80 penalty notice for his breach of forecourt etiquette.

Tower Services’ Rob Gibbons said: "We’ve been here for 33 years and I’ve never seen anyone defecate on a forecourt."