== Why was the CWA formed? ==


The Association was formed in 2008 to represent all operators of vehicle washing facilities who provide their services responsibly, adhering to all relevant laws and regulations. With the increasing fragmentation of the motorist service sector and the many commercial pressures facing its players, there is a real need for a trade association to represent the wider interests of car wash operators and the providers of goods and services into this sector.



== What has happened to the Car Wash Campaign Group (CWCG)? ==


The CWCG has evolved into the CWA. The original aims of the Group are still central to the objectives of the CWA:

l to tackle non-compliant car wash operators;

l to assist responsible car wash operators in responding to unfair competition;

l to campaign within government for an appropriate and common-sense approach to environmental issues.



== Who runs the CWA? ==


The CWA is run by an executive committee that is drawn from the ranks of its members. The Association is primarily a wash operator-led organisation - our focus is squarely upon the provision of excellent vehicle washing services to the consumer.



== Can only operators of automatic car washes join the CWA? ==


No. The CWA represents all responsible car wash operators whether their services are manual, automatic or a combination of both. The CWA will publish a Code of Practice to which all members are expected to adhere. Equipment and consumable manufacturers, as well as service providers, are also welcome to join as members. The strength of the Association is derived from the diversity of its members and the energy of their representatives.



== How much is annual membership? ==


Membership fees vary according to the type and size of member. It starts at £150 per year for a single-site operator. Multi-site operators pay a fee appropriate to their size. Full details can be found on the CWA stand (E16) at the IFFE show.



== What are the benefits of membership? ==


Beyond its remit to represent the interests of its members and the industry to government and local authorities, the CWA seeks to provide tangible benefits to its members that include guides of best practice, marketing tips and assistance, preferential pricing on various goods and services, industry facts and figures as well as offering a forum for debate, discussion and support.


== How can the CWA help me to fight a local unfair competitor? ==


The emphasis here must be on the ’unfair’. If a CWA member is faced with unfair local competition, the Association will help that member to reach the appropriate authority which has the power to redress the inequality.

This may be the local water board or the Environmental Agency if there are concerns about inadequate drainage or contamination; or the immigration authorities if there is a suspicion that illegal, cheap labour is at work. We also lobby government (central and local) and seek to bring pressures on all the stakeholders with the objective of creating a level playing field for all vehicle washing operators.


== I consider myself to be a responsible car wash operator, but would the CWA? ==


There is certainly no single model that defines a best-practice operator and the CWA does not intend to either preach or over-regulate within this sector. However, the Association is seeking to promote the car wash industry and establish confidence among consumers in the qualities and capabilities of its members by defining the characteristics that mark out a good operator. For example:

l adherence to the Environmental Agency’s published guidelines on pollution prevention (PPG13);

l compliance with essential health and safety standards;

l proper business trading practices including up-to-date company registrations, public liability insurances and a legally employed workforce;

l suitably maintained equipment that is correctly CE-marked for use within the UK;

l the use of REACH-compliant chemicals;

l good on-site work practices that include daily equipment checks, regular cleaning rotas and knowledgeable staff.

If you do all this then the CWA would consider you to be a fully responsible operator too!


More information can be found at: [http://www.carwashassociation.co.uk]