Jet’s five-year-old Smile promotion is being radically updated to take into account new developments in pos technology and to improve the offer to customers.

The new programme is called Smile@ and will be launched on March 21. Another development is that despite all the additonal features the cost of the promotion to retailers has been radically reduced, according to Roy Roley, head of brand communications. “Where once it was 0.26ppl variable, it will now cost 0.2ppl, offering by far the best value in the industry,” he said, adding that he had been “chuffed to bits” with the response so far from Jet dealers.

“One of the greatest differences with Smile@ is that we’re moving the

customer-saving currency from pence to points,” said Roley. “These will be given on fuel only and will work out at one Smile@ point for every £1 spent. Changing from pence to points after such a long time might seem strange but the move enables us to make some great improvements to the customer offer.”

As previously there is no limit on how much a customer can save and redeem for cash as long as it’s a minimum of £15 for 1500 points and from then on in multiples of £5. “With Smile we have got rid of the paperwork and can send cash directly into customer’s bank accounts using electronic transfer, which takes just 4-5 days,” added Roley. Lower mileage customers have also been catered for with a £5 Kingfisher voucher for those who’ve collected 750 points, and an instant Nestlé confectionery reward for 70 points.