RMI Petrol has issued a guidance note warning that retailers need to undertake a formal risk assessment before permitting access to any new third-party tanker drivers.

As army drivers are being trained to carry out fuel deliveries in the event of a strike by tanker drivers, RMI Petrol has advised retailers to take additional measures to maintain safety at their sites.

With the legal controls on a petrol station now placed as duties on site operators under the Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002, the guidance note says retailers need to ensure that the tanker driver has been adequately trained in safe unloading and is made familiar with the site.

For those sites which normally receive deliveries under the total control of the tanker driver, RMI Petrol recommends the reversion to ‘Assisted Delivery’ to ensure that deliveries are safely carried out.

Supplementary risk assessments should be carried out to take into consideration all of the above measures as well as the probable increased numbers of members of the public on site, anti social disturbance, tanker drivers with limited experience, and have contingency measures in place to deal with emergency situations. It may also be necessary to have additional staff available, should unforeseen circumstances arise.