A new opinion poll carried out by YouGov showed strong support in Scotland for the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products. When shown an image of a plain pack, twice as many smokers supported a move to sell tobacco products in plain, standardised packaging with the product name in standard lettering as the number of those who were opposed. The Scottish Government, in conjunction with the UK Department of Health are currently consulting on plain packaging after Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley’s official announcement on April 16.
The Poll was based on survey of 1,055 adults in Scotland and the results were

  • Non and ex-smokers: 69% support, 8% oppose, 18% no opinion and 4% don’t know

  • Smokers: 42% support, 21% oppose, 36% no opinion

  • Total:   64% support, 11% oppose, 21% no opinion and 3% don’t know

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of anti-tobacco charity ASH Scotland said:
"This survey shows that there is already strong public support for introducing plain packaging, which will help make tobacco less appealing to young people. Clearly many people support putting the health and well-being of future generations above the future profits of big tobacco companies.
"The tobacco industry resists this measure and has been actively scare-mongering amongst retailers. Yet a growing body of evidence supports plain packaging as a way of stripping the false glamour from this addictive and harmful product."