== Impulse Ice Cream Outlet sponsored by Wall’s ==

The Spar Castlerock Road site in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, won this award for its impressive ice cream display.

Gareth Roberts, impulse retail channel controller at Unilever, says the most important factor for retailers is keeping the ice cream cabinet bright, clean and well-maintained. He adds: "It’s also vital to stock the best-supported and most popular brands, such as Magnum, Cornetto, Twister and Solero.

"Don’t forget to check the cabinet - this should be full all year, not just when the sun shines! And make sure it’s in an area of good traffic flow because this is a classic impulse category."

Also winner of Best Customer Service.

== Soft Drinks Outlet sponsored by Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd ==

Judges were impressed by the multi-siting of soft drinks in high-traffic locations throughout Rossmore Service Station in Poole, Dorset.

Donna Warren, shopper marketing controller at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) Ltd, says: "Product availability is crucial as shoppers are under greater time pressure and want to pick up their preferred purchase the first time they visit the store. Stock the best-selling lines within each sector and any new products in the soft drinks category to provide customers with a good breadth of choice which will meet their needs."

== tobacco merchandising outlet sponsored by Imperial Tobacco ==

This award was presented to Chanterlands Service Station in Hull, which is part of Sewell Retail Ltd.

Imperial Tobacco recommends keeping a well-stocked and merchandised tobacco unit.

Iain Watkins, Imperial Tobacco UK trade communications manager, says: "This is incredibly important as retailers strive to offer an appropriate tobacco range which reflects the preferences of adult smokers.

"Retailers should also regularly review their tobacco ranges to ensure every brand justifies the space it occupies."

Also winner of Best Hot Beverages Outlet and Best Neighbourhood Independent with 10 sites or more.

== Use of Retail Technology sponsored by Torex ==

Brookfields Morley Service Station in Leeds claimed this award following an excellent written submission. Criteria included showing a return on investment and an enhanced customer experience.

Richard Quarmby, vice president Torex Petroleum & Convenience, says: "By using advanced retail technology to streamline operational processes and improve the customer experience, retailers can get a key advantage over the competition. Managers should consider the range of solutions available, for example at the checkout, pos systems can accept contactless payments technology, dramatically reducing transaction times and queue lengths."