The forecourt industry will continue to adapt and reinvent itself in response to continued change in the market, according to Arthur Renshaw, Experian Catalist’s UK & Ireland manager, in his review of the UK fuel market.

Renshaw said the past year has been full of surprises with more change on the horizon. "There have been lots of surprises and it is apparent that quite a number of the decisions made over the past 12 months will have significant long-term effects on the retail forecourt sector," he said.

The report also highlights the radical changes in the supply chain and points out that once all the ongoing refinery deals are completed, of the 20 major fuel brands in the UK, only Esso and Jet will have an associated refinery. Renshaw added that Greenergy, which is 36% owned by Tesco, is likely to be a company to watch over the next 12 months.

See page 22 for the full Fuel Market Review 2011.