Symonds Forecourts has launched a new e-petition calling for Tesco to be removed from a Government appointed commission looking into the future of the UK’s high streets.

Tesco is the only major supermarket group represented on the Future High Streets Forum, a body set up by the Government to support high streets and help them compete.

The forum’s first meeting on March 25 was chaired by Mark Prisk MP, minister for housing and local growth at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

In its supporting statement, Symonds says making Tesco a government advisor on high streets is comparable to putting a fox in charge of a chicken coop.

It says Tesco’s strategy of opening out of town superstores has drawn consumers from high streets, while the smaller stores it has opened in town centres have pushed local traders out of business.

The e-petition calls on Mark Prisk to remove Tesco from the forum and Symonds Forecourts managing director Nick Lloyd said they were hoping to achieve 100,000 signatures.

He added: “One hundred thousand is a big stretch, but we managed to achieve 11,000 signatures in Sherborne on our no-thanks Tesco campaign, so this is achievable.”

Tesco failed to respond when asked to comment by Forecourt Trader.

To go to the petition click here