Unite tanker drivers at Grangemouth have told BP ‘to do the right thing’ over cuts to pay and pensions and are preparing for a long battle as 72 hours of strike action started at 4am this morning (Friday, February 22).

With workers manning the picket line and up to 10 million litres of fuel remaining inside the refinery gates - starting a massive squeeze on supply to every Scottish airport and hundreds of forecourts - a further 4 days of strike action were confirmed from 4am on Thursday, February 28.

The dispute centres on the imminent transfer of a lucrative aviation contract from BP to DHL, resulting in one third of workers losing up to £13,000 a year from their pension on retirement, and two-thirds upwards of £1,400 a year from their earnings due to a salary sacrifice through BP’s share-match scheme.

Unite industrial officer Tony Trench said: “We’ve had a tremendously solid start to this strike action and our members are resolute in our pursuit of pay and pensions justice, we’re in this for the long haul.

"On a normal day up to 10 million litres of fuel will pass through the refinery gates and out to airports and forecourts across the country, but not today.

"Our message to BP is simple: do the right thing. Pay up on the cuts our members will suffer - it’s a drop in the tank for a company worth nearly £8 billion."