Autoglym has launched a major campaign to attract more independent retailers to use its products and services in their car washes.

The move comes from the company’s car wash chemicals division Kanor Chemicals, which manufacturers a wide range of detergents and waxes for automatic car washes aimed at forecourt operators. Autoglym is also keen to let retailers know about the support it is offering through promotions, pos and marketing material.

And the Hertfordshire-based manufacturer wants retailers to approach it directly, no matter what the size of their business.

Autoglym director Paul Coley says: "We currently supply about 10% of UK independents, mostly through our distributors like Wilcomatic. But our aim is to get more sites using our products. We offer innovative promotions, strong support and the chance to work with a strong brand.

"In the past, car washing has been an add-on for forecourts and the less glamorous side of the business. We’re trying to make it have a more visible presence. We also want the whole experience to be more creative, with coloured foam and perfumed waxes.

"We are a business-to-business supplier, even smaller retailers can contact us directly, although they can also go through companies such as WashTec and get the whole support package for their car wash."

Autoglym develops and manufactures its products at its newly expanded facilities in Letchworth and can produce more than 400,000 litres of product a week. It recently started offering extra retailer support through a deal with Wilcomatic - where retailers buying Kanor products through Wilcomatic get promotional material like posters.

According to Coley, Autoglym is working to make all its products more environmentally friendly, with many already using plant-based materials. It’s also very proud to be flying the flag for successful British manufacturing.

As well as the Kanor brand, Autoglym wants to raise awareness of its retail range. The company’s sales and marketing director David Rogers says there is a "huge margin" to be made on these products, which are branded Autoglym. He says: "Autoglym has its own distribution, we’ve got about 80 vans, so retailers can come directly to us. Most other car care companies don’t offer that service, and products have to go through wholesalers.

"But we can offer very healthy margins on all our products - from our market-leading liquid car polish to shampoos and wheel cleaners."

According to Rogers, retailers should also cash in on Autoglym’s strong brand. He explains: "Autoglym products are recommended by major car companies like Aston Martin and Jaguar.

"Petrol retailers seem to have let their grasp of car care slip, they need to wake up to the fact that there’s a huge cash opportunity here."

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