Tesco has announced it is to slash its pump prices from tonight – joining rivals such as Asda and Morrisons in a fuel price war. The supermarket giant said it would chop petrol and diesel by 2ppl at all its 450 petrol stations in the UK. A Tesco spokesperson added: "We have recently seen an easing of the pressure on world oil prices and as

always we want to pass these lower prices back to customers as quickly as possible.

"With our current promotion offering a further 5p off a litre for Tesco shoppers and Clubcard points, motorists across the country will find our fuel prices hard to beat."

The move followed Asda and Morrisons making similar price cuts on fuel. Both supermarkets have announced they will reduce the price of unleaded by 2ppl and diesel by 1ppl.

Asda said a litre of unleaded would cost no more than 115.9p, and diesel a maximum of 118.9ppl.

Asda commercial director David Miles said: "Yet again, Asda is leading UK fuel prices down. Motorists will be relieved commodity prices are coming down and as always we are the first to reflect falling costs in our prices at the pump."

Morrisons petrol director Mark Todd said today: "We have always said that we pass on the discount to our customers as soon as we can. Only last week we took the lead and dropped the price of unleaded and diesel and we will further reduce the price tonight, by two pence per litre on unleaded and one penny per litre on diesel.”

In addition, Morrison, which has 292 filling stations in the UK, said its price of unleaded had already dropped by 1ppl and 0.5 pence per litre on diesel since last Friday.

And after the latest price reduction today, the average Morrisons price per litre for unleaded will be 116.9p and diesel 119.5p.