Tesco has agreed to test its fuel after complaints from customers about diesel bought at the supermarket giant’s Worcester Warndon site.

According to Worcester News, two customers said they had problems after filling up with diesel. One said their fuel filter light came on and they took their car to the dealer, who said 50% of the tank’s contents was water.

Both customers who complained received emails from Tesco denying responsibility for the problems with their vehicles. The emails said that as Tesco sells thousands of litres of fuel a day, if there had been the ‘slightest problem’ there would have been many complaints. It also mentioned that filters and water detection gauges used would have indicated any problem.

But Tesco has now agreed to carry out additional testing on the fuel but says it does not believe the diesel is of a poor standard. A spokesman for Tesco told Worcester News: “We have no reason to believe the fuel at our Worcester Warndon Superstore petrol filling station is of a poor standard.

“Following the concerns raised by two customers we are carrying out additional testing and will update our customers should we find anything amiss.

“In November we received two separate customer complaints about fuel which have each been fully investigated and in each case we have found no evidence fuel from our Worcester Warndon Superstore would have caused damage to either car.

“If fuel was not of an appropriate standard, it would set off a monitoring alarm in our station and as a precaution we are arranging for the fuel at the store to be tested.”