Best Confectionery outlet NestlÉ



Best Confectionery Outlet sponsor, Nestlé, says the RoadChef store, Strensham North, was selected as the winner because of its "clear understanding that a category-focused approach to confectionery can grow sales".


Nestlé’s trade communications manager, Graham Walker, says: "The store adopted shopper-based category principles making it easier for shoppers to shop. The main fixture is grouped by need state and best-selling lines are double-faced. "Sharing bags account for almost 20% of confectionery sales within forecourts, and this store is capitalising on impulse sales by displaying sharing bags in a high customer-flow area.


"RoadChef, Strensham North, stocks a concise range of the best-selling SKUs and is not manufacturer biased. By implementing a category-focused plan, the store has a highly successful confectionery category which is why it was crowned the Best Confectionery Outlet of 2010."




Best Crisps & Snacks Outlet - sponsor Walkers


For the Best Crisps and Snacks Outlet award, judges were looking for the main fixture to hold both Big Eat and standard bags. And the fixture itself had be located in a high-footfall area ideally between the door and the till.

The award’s sponsor Walkers, also wanted the crisps and snacks section to have products blocked by occasion such as Sensations for treats; core lines for ’hungerfill’ and Baked for those shoppers looking for a ’better for you’ snack. The company was also looking for retailers who had the correct space-to-sales ratio, eg more facings for the best-selling lines.

At the Esso Kings Drive’s store in Eastbourne major prominence is given to crisps and snacks. The store focuses on the major brands with a choice of both small impulse bags and larger sharing packs. Multi-sitings and well-signed promotions encourage impulse purchases.




best Customer Service - sponsor RS Sales & Distribution Ltd


James Hayfield, general sales manager at Best Customer Service Awards sponsor RS Sales & Distribution, says the management team at his company individually judged the entries so they wouldn’t be swayed by each other’s opinions and thoughts. "However, when we gathered to discuss our scores, Cosford Garage had received the top mark from all four judges," he says. "It was clear the Gohils take a considered approach to customer service and it isn’t something they apply a ’one size fits all’ solution to, which means they can meet the needs of their varied customer base. Two things in particular grabbed my attention. The first was an initiative Cosford terms ’Serving the Services’ in which they have met the specific needs of local RAF base servicemen and women by adapting their range to fit in with their unique lifestyle.The second was their ability to go the extra mile for a nearby retirement home by honing their range and delivering shopping directly to the elderly."