Portable navigation system provider TomTom has extended its contract with digital signage specialist Amscreen for an additional two years. Following on

from the initial deal in October 2009, TomTom’s HD Traffic will continue to be the exclusive provider of live traffic feeds across Amscreen’s forecourt network, providing millions of motorists with the most up-to-date traffic information.

TomTom’s HD traffic updates will be available on around 1,600 sites covering major fuel brands BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Total and Jet, targeting an audience of over 35 million each fortnight.

TomTom claims to have the widest road coverage, have five times more updates and be twice as accurate (on traffic location, delay and arrival time) when compared to other traffic information providers/feeds available. Its real-time traffic feeds uses data from travelling Vodafone users making it possible to monitor, in real time, the actual speed of millions of cars across the road network. This data is then merged with anonymous real-time GPS data from connected TomTom customers and information from traffic authorities, road operators and commercial third parties to provide customers with the most accurate and precise traffic information.

Recent research commissioned by Amscreen, to understand the success of TomTom’s traffic updates and track awareness and influence of forecourt screen media, showed that the screens deliver excellent levels of awareness and understanding for brands advertising. It showed that 89% of forecourt visitors liked the idea of using the screens for advertising and messaging purposes in the forecourt environment; 59% of respondents saw the live HD traffic updates; and there was a clear association that TomTom sponsors and provides the service. The market research results cemented the fact that TomTom provides an appreciated service for the motoring commuter.

Damian Woodward, vice president, sales and marketing UK and Ireland at TomTom said: “Agreeing a new two year deal with Amscreen will see us continue to deliver first class traffic information to millions of motorists each week. Navigation is not just about showing you how to reach your destination any more. It’s about providing dynamic information to the driver, wherever they are, through our Live services such as HD Traffic. Working with Amscreen helps us to showcase what we can offer to the consumer.”

Simon Sugar, CEO at Amscreen, commented: “We are delighted to be working with TomTom once again, having proven through extensive research how effective our network is for advertisers. The digital screen network is consistently becoming more noticeable, more influential and more valuable, and has now become an accepted and appreciated part of the forecourt experience. It is fantastic that, with TomTom’s invaluable support, we are able to provide such a useful and appreciated service to the travelling public."