Leading technology provider to the retail, convenience and fuel markets, is expanding its Convenience & Fuel Solutions (CFS) division is into new 10,000sq ft offices which will be officially opened on April 12.

The new space, to be known as Innovation House, will be used by Torex CFS to meet customer demands as it continues to grow and expand. “Moving from our previous base at Sowton Industrial Estate to these new premises demonstrates just how successfully we are serving the CFS sector,” comments Jon Dunman, vice president Torex Convenience Fuel Solutions.”

With existing customers and new ones under our belt, we now have the facilities to continue to grow our business and workforce.”

Having launched new products and services over the past year, including Torex Fuel Wrapper and Profit Clinics, Dunmand said Torex CFS is in a good position to continue advancing the Convenience & Fuel market.

“Torex as a company serving the retail, hospitality, convenience and fuel markets, has gone from strength to strength in the past few years and we have continued to grow and expand the business,” commented the company’s chief executive Steve Rowley.

“It’s important that the company is seen to be moving up in the world, which we are by investing in our future growth, expansion and customers, with these new office premises.”