This month has been deemed National Green Car Month by Total. Working in association with Nationwide Autocentre,

the oil company is offering free ’green’ car services on its forecourts throughout April. The 10-minute service has been specifically designed to make engines more fuel efficient. It will include a look at the oil, brakes, clutch, coolant and tyres.

The service was launched by model and motor enthusiast Jodie Kidd, who said: "While many people are concerned about the effect they have on the environment, most of us are not prepared to - or simply can’t - give up our car."

She pointed to a study commissioned by Total Eco 10 which found that 84% of people prefer to drive than take public transport or walk.

Meanwhile staff at a Total forecourt successfully foiled an attempted armed robbery.

The site in Greengate, Middleton had been plagued by a series of armed robberies but this time staff were able to activate the security system and prevent the hammer-carrying would-be thief.

The store manager and assistant have each been awarded £200 for their bravery and quick thinking. Total’s Kate Munro said: "We hope that wannabe thieves take this as a warning that Total does not tolerate crime of any kind and that our staff are prepared to go the extra mile to protect customers and themselves."