As Sainsbury’s announced another 15ppl fuel promotion campaign over last month’s Bank Holiday weekend, RMI Petrol chairman Brian Madderson continued to speak out on behalf of fuel retailers.

Earlier in the month the Road Haulage Association had demanded an immediate 5ppl cut in fuel prices, complaining that HGV drivers were unable to take advantage of supermarket promotions because they weren’t allowed on their forecourts.

Madderson said: "We don’t think there is a 5ppl reduction in the system at the moment."

He said exchange rates, specifically the weakness of the pound versus the US dollar, were adversely affecting pump prices.

Madderson also had cause to write to the Daily Telegraph complaining about "misleading" information provided by Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury’s. King wrote a piece for the Business Section of the newspaper on August 23 which contained, what Madderson claims was "misleading information about the amount of the pump price for fuel going to the Treasury".

In the letter Madderson said: "The average taken by the Treasury is 81.15ppl which is 60%, not 80% as claimed by King. However, we agree that the actual taxation is still too high for consumers and business alike."