01 Career history:

Joined the Scottish Fuels Inbound Sales team as sales advisor before being promoted to commercial sales, then moved to the retail side of the business almost seven years ago. Now part of Certas Energy, my focus is the Gulf brand and growing Gulf’s dealer network in Scotland and North East England.

02 Best thing about the job?

The diversity of the role, meeting and interacting with people. The forecourt industry never stands still and I love it.

03 Best bit of business advice you’ve ever received?

Be true to yourself and treat people as you would want them to treat you.

04 Dream job if you weren’t doing this?

Formula One Driver. I’ve always had a passion for motorsport.

05 What do you drive?

Mercedes A220 CDI AMG Sport.

06 What would you like to drive?

Lamborghini Murciélago. I’ve always liked the curves, the colours and the sound.

07 Perfect day?

One day spent with my family. I’m married with two young boys (Jacob and Joshua).

08 Favourite team?

Rangers. My dad supports Rangers it was the first kit I was bought as a kid.

09 Favourite read?

F1 Racing magazine.

10 Favourite film?

Braveheart if I have to choose one. I’ve probably watched it more than any other film.

11 Possession you couldn’t do without?

Mobile phone. I am available pretty much 24/7 for dealers and also love the live feeds from Google News.

12 Most admire?

My Dad. He has always set a good example in life and in business. He worked for BP for 37 years.

13 Most likely to say?

Anything’s possible.

14 Least likely to say:

I give up.

15 Greatest achievement?

Being a father.

16 Greatest fear?

Not being there when someone needs me.

17 Tips for business success:

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

18 Most recent business achievements of note:

Securing a long-term agreement with former Jet dealer, Hawkhead Road in Paisley. Volumes started growing from day one.

19 Three words to describe yourself:

Persistent. Fair. Approachable.

20 Anything else we should know?

Gulf Retail will be exhibiting at The Forecourt Show, meet us on Stand S121.