GMB, the energy union, has called on Government and the National Grid to develop a proper plan to power the rise in electric vehicles.

Justin Bowden, GMB national secretary, said: “With the government committing to ban sales of new petrol and diesel engine cars by 2040, the number of electric cars on our roads is set to rocket to anything up to 35 million, necessitating massive changes to network supply and charging point access.

“National Grid is forecasting up to 30 gigawatts of additional electricity capacity being needed by 2050 to meet peak demand. “Our current capacity is 61 gigawatts.

“GMB is calling on Government and National Grid to plan and invest now in major infrastructure upgrading and development to ensure we are ahead of the curve.

“With the existing nuclear fleet reaching the end of its natural life over the next 10 years, and coal being removed by 2025, an increase in electricity demand of 30 gigs translates into an awful lot of additional power stations.”