Forecourt sign installation and maintenance contractor Xmo Strata has confirmed its recent restructuring was prompted by a decision to focus on dealer groups. Following an announcement in June that it was beefing up senior management, staff were instructed to work more closely with dealers.


Xmo Strata managing director, Steve Martin, said: "Look at the oil companies. Conoco, Chevron/Texaco’s UK and Dutch network, BP’s Greek and French networks, Esso sites in the US and Australia all sold to dealers. The industry’s undergoing radical change and that will continue.


"There are some astute people in the emerging dealer organisations and suppliers should respect and recognise that. We’ve brought in a new team, encouraged existing managers to think ’dealer’ and the ideas they’re generating are already yielding results."


One of those ideas is a dedicated dealer ’help desk’ with co-ordinators who help to manage dealer operations, liaising directly with insurance companies on work involving claims, to take the hassle away from the dealer.