nited Biscuits (UB) has announced its biggest NPD for 2016 with the launch of McVitie’s Digestives Nibbles.

The company is describing the new chocolatey bitesize biscuits as the first innovation of its kind for the UK biscuit category.

Available in a resealable pouch in four variants Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Double Chocolate and Caramel UB says McVitie’s Digestives Nibbles are a modern way to enjoy the great taste and texture of McVitie’s Digestives, with an added chocolatey treat.

The 120g pouches are being rolled out now (rrp £1.89) with a price-marked pack due to launch later this year.

The new range will be supported by more than £4m in media investment, including TV advertising, digital and social media.

Significant investment has also been made across shopper channels through impactful pos including clip strips and gondola-end toppers especially for convenience outlets.

The launch of McVitie’s Digestives Nibbles follows an extremely successful period for UB following the relaunch of its McVitie’s masterbrand in 2014 and represents the latest step by UB to unlock new consumption occasions for the biscuit category. The launch is expected to achieve over £17m in sales in the first 12 months. Sarah Heynen, marketing director of sweet biscuits at UB, said: "The launch of McVitie’s Digestives Nibbles is a significant moment for UB and the category, set to break new ground in sweet biscuits.

"This is an exciting proposition for the market, targeting a new evening sharing treat occasion for biscuits.

"In testing, consumers responded incredibly positively to the range, particularly the balanced combination of chocolate and biscuit, and the new ’nibbly nibble’ pieces.

"Alongside an equally positive response from customers, we are confident that this is a long-awaited true innovation for the category."

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