Wall’s has allocated a marketing spend of £23m to support its revamped and broadened ice cream range for 2004.

Heading the cast is the launch of six limited-edition Cornetto Love Potions, which will be introduced throughout the year. There will also be a Love Potions variant released under the Cornetto Soft platform.

Wall’s promises that the £6.5m media spend on Love Potions will be as high profile and prominent as last year’s Magnum 7 Deadly Sins concept.

Other highlights for this year include the launch of Magnum Intense, a heart of soft truffle enveloped in vanilla ice cream, and sealed in thick chocolate. Its availability in new formats stretches the brand into new usage occasions, including the luxury ice cream tub sector. A provocative advertising campaign is planned to accompany its launch.

Two new launches for the kids’ sector include the return of Funny Foot and Rocket. The core six kids’ brands – Calippo, Twister, Mini Milk, Feast, Funny Foot and Rocket – will benefit from a Shrek gift promotion, which will run from Mat to August with a key focus around the film launch period on July 2.

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