Bendicks’ Werther’s Original brand has been rejuvenated, with new-look packs, new point-of-sale material and new product formats.

The brand is also linking up with Hertz Car Rentals for a sampling programme, with 190,000 rolls of Werther’s Original Butter Candies being placed in leased vehicles across the UK between June and August.

The modernised packaging is stronger and bolder to increase visibility in store while retaining the brand’s wholesome values.

New formats include a 78g ’on-the-go’ bag of Werther’s Original Butter Candies - the UK’s number one hard-boiled sweet - which will be available in outers of 15 as well as on clip strips. The 150g bags will also be available on pre-packed clip strips for the first time, while an ’extra roll free’ offer is running on 50g roll multipacks. Retailers can take advantage of new branded dumpbins and hod units, which hold both the butter candies and Werther’s toffees.

The range is supported by a £4m TV ad campaign.

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