With momentum building for the 2012 Olympic Games, The Royal Mint has launched a new collectable 50p range that could help forecourt retailers enhance their own ’coin’ collection.

The London 2012 Sports Collection features 29 collectable 50ps, designed by the public and each representing an Olympic or Paralympic sport. They are officially licensed 2012 products and so feature the London 2012 logo. Each coin in the collection is priced at an entry level £2.99, with a 50% retail margin, and is sold in a colourful blister pack featuring sporting motifs. They can be displayed in various ways to accommodate different requirements, such as counter-top boxes of 10 or clip-strips.

Collection folders are also available, rrp £5.99. The roll-out of the collection this month is being supported by the Royal Mint’s biggest- ever advertising campaign, generating TV exposure on satellite channels.

Jonathan Cockcroft, the Royal Mint’s head of sales, said the coins will attract a new generation of collectors.

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