New eggs from Cadbury for Easter 2011 include small Freddo and Curly Wurly ones, which both contain a countline bar but the Freddo also includes a beanie while the Curly Wurly has a snake toy. Both have rrps of £3.49.

There are also Spots v Stripes eggs to tie in with the company’s London 2012 activity. Old favourite the Creme Egg will be backed by a £5m campaign. This will use a ’Goo Dares Wins’ theme to encourage consumers to do dares and gain points for either the Spots or Stripes teams.

There are also two new ’Say it with Cadbury’ products ideal for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. There’s a heart-shaped box containing 30 milk chocolate pralines; and a flower-shaped box containing 30 vanilla creme chocolates.

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