The tobacco companies have once again been busy, bringing some new products and innovative new pack designs to the cigarette gantry.

Imperial Tobacco has launched two additions to its Lambert & Butler line-up. A new Superkings range aims to provide a lower-priced, high-quality offer for smokers looking to trade down from the mid-price sector, but without having to settle for ultra low-priced value brands. Also new is a milder Lambert & Butler Smooth range.

At the same time, Imperial has launched a new packaging concept for Golden Virginia.

The product is now available in 14g cigarette-style boxes, containing two individually-wrapped 7g bricks of tobacco.

The new design keeps the tobacco fresher for longer and is more convenient, as the box can be used to hold rolling papers, filter tips and a lighter as well (once one of the bricks has been removed). The packs are also expected to improve on-shelf visibility. Recommended retail price is £2.99.

Meanwhile, Gallaher has launched some limited edition packs designed to stand out on the gantry and drive interest in the category. New Camel Art packs feature an eye-catching art deco design aimed at illustrating the style and quality of the brand.

Also available is a limited-edition Benson & Hedges Silver Slide pack. Moving away from a conventional flip-top box, this pack slides open horizontally to offer consumers something different.

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