Ginsters is launching a range of microwaveable snacks under the new H+EAT sub-brand. The range is made with freshly baked bread dough and its unique recipe is designed to be microwaved to perfection in just 90 seconds.

The H+EAT core range comprises a hot pepperoni twist, a ham & cheese twist, a hot dog with ketchup & onions and a hot dog with mustard & onions (all with rrps of £2.29), plus a burrito at £3.49.

Each contains fresh quality British ingredients.

The launch is part of Ginsters’ drive to reinvigorate the savoury pastry category with innovation to attract new and younger consumers to the sector.

A specially designed H+EAT Station incorporating the latest microwave unit and display fridge is available for convenience and impulse stores to purchase, together with a full range of POS material.

The new products will be supported by a consumer communications programme that includes PR, social media and radio coupled with extensive in-store merchandising, POS and retail media. The launch will also benefit from Ginsters’ new TV campaign which has been on air since the middle of February, reaching 85% of the adult population.

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