GSK is launching a Boss it with Beechams marketing campaign and new look for its cold and flu remedies, backed by a £3.9m media spend.

Emily Fox, brand marketing manager at GSK, said: “The new campaign will drive awareness by keeping the brand front-of-mind during the cold and flu season, appealing to the target audience of younger, new shoppers and lapsed Beechams shoppers.

“The new packaging will also drive visibility on shelf, supporting the brand’s TV, social and outdoor presence. Retailers can tap into the increased consumer engagement and drive sales by promoting Beechams close to payment points, ensuring shelves are fully-stocked, especially in peak season and using clip strips.

“GSK has also supported retailers by distributing thousands of interchangeable seasonable units, that allows them to capture the attention of shoppers away from the healthcare fixtures, without taking up additional shelf space.”

The ‘Boss it with Beechams’ marketing campaign will be live until February 2020, and it will be supported by TV, OOH, social, radio and digital searches. The TV campaign is set to air on 21 October, but may go live sooner given the use of reactive media in line with seasonality.