Haribo Dunhills (Pontefract) is increasing its offer to retailers with more shelf-ready packs and the launch of a new product, Starlets.

Following the successful launch of Strawbs in the shelf-ready format, the company is extending the concept to six more brands – its three top sellers Starmix, Tangfastics and Kiddie’s SuperMix as well as Maoam Stripes, Mao Mix and Sour Strawbs.

Each carton holds 12 family-size bags and has a perforated lid for ease of opening to help speed up the restocking process.

Per Henérius, managing director of Haribo, says: “As well as being time efficient, these new packs also help retailers to create an attractive shelf display and this will help generate incremental business by raising the profile of popular Haribo brands and stimulating impulse sales.”

The latest addition to the Haribo range, Starlets, comprise a crunchy sugar-coated outer shell with a fruit-flavoured jelly inside. It comes in a shelf-ready display pack of 20 pocket-size 40g flip-top cartons, with a retail price of 35p each.

Haribo’s ongoing TV advertising campaign supports the launch.

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