A new dual-action, mouthwatering product called AquaDrops – being billed as one of the biggest confectionery stories of 2004 – has been launched by Masterfoods to satisfy consumers’ needs to keep their mouths hydrated and fresh.

Research shows that the target consumers for AquaDrops (18-35 year-old adults) could think of between four and six times a day when their mouth felt dry and dehydrated.

Common causes of ‘dry-mouth moments’ are eating spicy food, hangovers, smoky or air-conditioned environments, and nervous situations.

AquaDrops should be displayed at point of purchase with other functional sugar products. They are available in two flavours – Apple and Citrus – with a rrp of 75p.

A £4.3m marketing package to support the brand includes a heavyweight TV, press, PR and sampling campaign.

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