Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has announced it will be introducing its range of tobacco-free nicotine pouches, Nordic Spirit, to all channels including independent and convenience retailers and wholesalers following its UK launch on the product’s website earlier this year.

To celebrate the distribution drive, JTI will be offering a range of product-related deals to help retailers launch into market, as well as Nordic Spirit countertop display units and a range of point of sale materials (POSM).

Nordic Spirit is available to purchase in two flavours (Mint and Bergamot Wildberry) and two strengths (6mg and 9mg). For one can of 20 tobacco-free pouches the RRP is £6.50, and JTI says each pouch can be enjoyed for up to one hour. Nordic Spirit joins the new Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouch market, which is expected to grow as a category.

Stephane Berset, JTI UK Head of Marketing, comments; “This is an exciting and innovative launch into a category that is still growing. We see Nordic Spirit as the next big thing in the Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouch Market, presenting a huge opportunity for independent and convenience retailers, as the consumer demand for alternative nicotine products increases and the category evolves.”

The new product has been developed in Sweden and has grown in popularity since its launch in 2018. The tobacco-free pouches offer existing smokers and vapers in the UK more choice by providing a convenient and discreet nicotine product that can be enjoyed in situations where smoking or vaping might not be possible.

Whether on a long-haul flight, in the office or just hanging out with friends, this smoke, vape, and odour-free offering can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and responds to the evolving preferences of adult smokers and vapers who are looking for an alternative nicotine product.

Nordic Spirit pouches contain a blend of plant-based fibres, nicotine, additives and flavourings commonly used in the food industry. Together with a gum-base, the pouches fit comfortably under the top or bottom lip.