Nestlé Confectionery is tapping into the increasing popularity of dark chocolate with the launch of its new and improved, Fairtrade-certified Kit Kat four finger 70% Dark. Containing 70% cocoa solids, it replaces Kit Kat four finger Dark. It comes in matte-finish packaging.

According to IRI data, dark chocolate accounts for £205m-worth of confectionery sales and has grown by 29% over the past five years.

The launch coincides with the latest initiative supporting Nestlé’s global Cocoa Plan. Kit Kat, in partnership with the International Cocoa Initiative, is committing £165,000 to providing education packs for schools in the Ivory Coast.

The introduction of Kit Kat 70% Dark will be supported by a £2.4m advertising campaign, including press, digital and experiential activity, starting on February 14.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK trade communications manager, says: "Kit Kat four finger Dark is currently the number one dark chocolate single in the market (IRI).

"Retailers should make the most of the £2.4m media investment and stock up as soon as possible and create additional displays in store using our point-of-sale kits."

Meanwhile, the Kit Kat brand is back on TV now in a new ad campaign which shows how Kit Kat "can help make your breaks even better".

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