Cereal bar brand Nature Valley is on a mission to get people outdoors connecting with nature and feeling revitalised.

It is investing £1.5 million into its new ‘Get Out More’ campaign, be back on TV screens for four-weeks with a fresh, 30-second creative that highlights the Natural Valley snack as the perfect accompaniment for an outdoor adventure.

Going live today (October 14), the TV ad will be supported with a raft of high-impact media and promotional activity, including Video On Demand (VOD), radio and Spotify advertising, social content and stand-out in-store marketing. Highly targeted, the digital media will feature bespoke product-focused content for specific snacking times of day, such as during commutes or afternoon breaks.

Kat Jones, marketing manager for Nature Valley, said: “Nature Valley has gone from strength to strength this year, outperforming the overall category’s growth and reaching a £57million[2] brand value. Now it’s time to up the ante even further, and broaden our appeal by encouraging people to step away from the screen, go outside and connect with nature.

“Not everyone can climb a mountain or trek through a forest, but even a little bit of nature does a world of good. Having adventures, and taking Nature Valley with you, is what ’Get Out More’ is all about. After all, we didn’t pioneer the cereal bar so people could snack on the sofa!”

The new campaign is expected to reach more than 12 million people. Retailers are encouraged to stock up on Nature Valley’s market-leading portfolio of snack bars to meet increased demand.