The KP Nuts brand has new packs. From this month, the brand’s nine hero-sharing SKUs will come in foil bags which stand up unaided. For retailers, it allows them to be easily merchandised in secondary displays, for example alongside beers. For consumers, the more functional packs stand on end, preventing spillages and pour more easily. The packs also feature a new reseal closure.

A new stand-out ’sunshine’ design will appear across the entire KP Nuts range. Packs will also highlight the protein and fibre content to appeal to health-conscious shoppers.

The new packs can be recycled under KP Snacks nationwide recycling scheme, which was launched in partnership with TerraCycle in March.

The redesign will be supported by a £1.3m media spend which encompasses out-of-home advertising, digital and social media.

In addition, drawing on insights that show that 16% of all KP Nuts sold are consumed alongside beer (Kantar data), KP Snacks is working in partnership with independent craft brewery, Deviant & Dandy to create a series of ’perfect pairings’ to drive incremental sales.

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