Vegan snacks producer Pep & Lekker has introduced compostable packaging for its Seed Snacks.

Susan Gafsen, founder of Seed Snacks, commented: “The growing appetite for nutritionally well-rounded/clean deck snacks has never been greater and yet we believe the ethical space that vegan snacks inhabit means they’re better placed than most to wave the flag for recyclable/compostable packaging that’s plastic free.

“As a lawyer I spent much of my time wondering what cause my first standalone business venture should back before deciding (as an open-minded vegan) how sick to the back teeth I was of so called ‘better for you snacks’ whose ingredient lists and nutritional decks were often riddled with foggy ingredient decks, spurious health claims and unpalatable ‘hidden’ extras.

“Worse than that, the indestructible packaging on which these often Machiavellian messages were scribbled were then going to spend an eternity on our planet, clogging up landfill sites or wafting around the countryside.”