AG Barr is set to accelerate demand for its big can flavoured energy brand with the launch of a category-boosting new range, Rockstar Revolt.

Rockstar Revolt comprises two 500ml varieties - Killer Citrus and Killer Cooler - zero sugar energy drinks that the company says don’t compromise on look, taste or energy boost.

Impactful camouflage pack designs will provide massive on-shelf standout for the full-flavoured variants, driving huge levels of consumer trial, according to Adrian Troy, marketing director at AG Barr.

“Rockstar Revolt will appeal to the growing number of consumers who want zero sugar energy, but don’t want it to look, feel, perform or taste different to full sugar energy," he says.

“Energy is a hugely important category for retailers, accounting for more than one in every three drinks purchased,” he says. “Big Can flavoured energy continues to drive the category and within this Rockstar flavours are the star performers, delivering 50% of sales.”

Rockstar Revolt will be supported by heavyweight sampling and a national social media campaign, says Troy: “Shoppers are constantly seeking new energy flavours and the new Rockstar Revolt packs will add excitement to the fixture. We recommend that retailers display the range prominently and prepare for this revolutionary sales opportunity.”