Wholemeal bread brand Allinson’s has launched a new product range alongside a full rebrand, with a variety of loaves available in a sizes designed to meet the needs of smaller households.

The entire new Allinson’s range is available in a 12-slice, 650g loaf, with research and analysis across a range of households determining the perfect number of slices for the brand’s target consumer, helping reduce waste and maximise freshness.

The new Allinson’s range will comprise four different loaves, with new variants, Rustic White (with a hint of sourdough), Seeds & Grains and Signature Seeded alongside the Classic Wholemeal recipe.

Janene Warsap, Allied Bakeries marketing director said: “We’re seeing significant growth of smaller households who are looking for greater variety and freshness. We wanted to give consumers more of what they love while meeting their needs - the perfect amount of bread to enjoy through the week and an optimum quality product experience.

"Our new range is perfectly suited for the modern consumer, both in terms of new flavour variants and loaf size.”

Allied Bakeries’ category director Zoe Taphouse added: “This is a really exciting time for bakery with consumers looking for more variety to suit their lifestyle needs. The rebrand of Allinson’s puts the brand front of mind in the category, reminding both consumers and retailers that quality bakery options are hugely popular. The new loaf size is a true innovation based on customer insights and we are excited to bring to market a totally new option to the market that is the perfect size for the Allinson’s consumer.”

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