Premier Foods is seeking to generate more interest in it custard and rice pudding brand Ambrosia with new packaging.

The new packaging design will extend across the entire portfolio of custard, rice and Devon Dream ranges, and is intended to make the brand easier to see and shop for because of its streamlined design and colour palate.

Neville Tam, brand manager for Ambrosia, said: “Ambrosia is the largest branded presence in the ambient desserts aisle and it continues to grow the category with new product development. Our new pack design gives us greater shelf standout and will cement our position as the customers ‘go to’ brand for their pudding occasions.

“One of the key elements that our new packaging addresses, is the fact that there is now a clear distinction between adult and children’s products because of the colour choices and messaging on pack.”

The new packaging will be available in a phased approach from the end of November.

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