Bon Bon Buddies is launching an innovative new kids’ collectable confectionery onto the market, adding to its ‘Surprise’ range.

Surprize Qubes is a building block-shaped confectionery that has been designed and brought to the market by Bon Bon Buddies to offer children a sweet treat, which can be consumed, collected and played with.

The pocket-money purchase sees Bon Bon Buddies bring three leading children’s characters together, Barbie, Super Mario and Despicable Me 2, as the faces of the new Qubes.

Each Surprize Qube is sold as an individual building block containing a 10g pack of strawberry flavoured chewy candy with added fruit juice, three character stickers and two push out and build character standees.

The Qubes range is available in Barbie pink, Super Mario blue and Despicable Me yellow, and each range has 24 stickers and 12 standees for youngsters to collect.

The innovative, patent pending building blocks can be used to build shapes in all directions. And by collecting the Qubes, children can create an imaginary world for the characters using the blocks, stickers and standees.

Chris Howarth, managing director of Bon Bon Buddies, said: “It’s a very exciting time for the business as we unveil our newest innovation. Surprize Qubes not only combine all the elements of a great sweet treat with the fruity candy inside the Qube, but also offer children an exciting play element too.

“At Bon Bon Buddies, we live and breathe children’s character confectionery, and we wanted to create a new product that children would enjoy but that also has buy-in from parents too.

“Building blocks are a favourite play activity with kids the world over, but are also proven to stimulate children’s creative thinking, encouraging spatial and motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

“When you add to this the treat sized confectionery contents, we believe we have a formula that keeps both children and their parents happy.”

Howarth added: “What’s unique about Surprize Qubes is that no elements of the products are thrown away once opened, which reduces waste and makes them sustainable. From the product packaging to the contents inside, all of the components of the Qube contribute to the overall surprise experience. And when you couple this with the iconic characters, which are the faces of the products, you’ve got a winning combination.”

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