Caribbean food and drink specialist Grace Foods, is launching three new aloe vera drinks.

The first two meet the growing trend for reduced sugar and zero sugar soft drinks. The first, Grace Aloe Zero is a smooth aloe vera drink with zero sugar and contains only 5 calories per 500ml bottle. The second, Grace Aloe Refresh Smooth will sit alongside the brand’s existing ‘with aloe vera pieces’ variant.

The Grace Aloe Refresh range contains 50% less sugar than regular Grace Aloe Vera drinks with just 105 calories per bottle.

The third addition is Grace Aloe Smooth which has been launched to sit alongside the reduced-sugar soft drinks to offer shoppers choice.

Giuseppe Vullo, Grace Foods brand manager, said: “We have responded to consumer feedback with the launch of these new products. The health and sugar debate is continuing and Grace Aloe Zero and Grace Aloe Refresh allow retailers to offer shoppers delicious and exciting choices when they’re looking for reduced or zero sugar alternatives to carbonated drinks, fruit smoothies and flavoured waters.

“All new products have been launched in smooth variants following feedback we’ve received at events and on social media where we discovered some of our consumers have a love/hate relationship with ‘bits’, but loved the taste of our products. We’ve worked hard to develop our new smooth variants to ensure that these still have the same same great Grace Aloe taste, just without the pieces.”

“We have an exciting year planned to support aloe vera drinks that includes outdoor advertising campaigns, national sampling, consumer shows, social media and instore activity. Retailers should stock up now to take advantage of this great opportunity. We cannot wait to say ‘Aloe’ to summer.”

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