Guinness has launched two limited-edition can designs to celebrate John Gilroy, the artist behind some of Guinness’ most famous advertisements.

Cans featuring two of his most eye-catching Guinness designs, the flying toucan and lobster, are available nationwide now.

Gilroy’s work appeared between the 1930s and 1950s and raise the profile of Guinness.

The limited-edition cans will be available in 4, 10, 12 and 15 packs, with RRPs of £5, £12, £13, and £15 respectively.

Nin Taank, Guinness brand manager, said: “Guinness is known as an iconic advertiser, continuing to drive growth in the beer category. Taking designs from some of our most iconic campaigns from the past, we are delighted to give consumers a piece of this history via these nostalgic cans designs and enjoy the same great tasting Guinness beer at home.

“We’re really excited to celebrate the anniversary of John Gilroy’s birth by revealing these two striking designs which are sure to create huge interest amongst not only loyal Guinness fans, but also bring new consumers to the brand.

“Due to a sizeable marketing investment and with previous proven success in the US, Australia, and Canada, we believe the limited-edition cans will prove popular amongst shoppers and help to boost sales.”