Levi Roots Soft Drinks has introduced a new 500ml carbonate flavour for Convenience to help retailers respond to the growing demand for exotic drinks.

Jamaican Sunset is a new addition to the brand’s range of soft drinks for the Impulse channel following its introduction as a 2L format into the Grocery channel.

Available through wholesale and cash and carries from the end of February, the new flavour will be available in £1 price-marked packs to support ‘on the go’ impulse sales within Convenience.

The introduction of Jamaican Sunset to the range enables retailers to capitalise on the predicted growth of watermelon soft drinks during 2015. The unique mix of watermelon and guava provides a refreshing, exciting and delicious flavour combination for impulse shoppers looking for instant refreshment.

Within Convenience, Jamaican Sunset now sits alongside Caribbean Crush, Tropical Punch and No Added Sugar Coconut Cooler still juice drink, giving retailers a strong offer of unique flavours in demand from a popular brand in growth.

Levi Roots brand manager, Nina Uttley said: “We’ve already established Jamaican Sunset in the Grocery channel and know that the flavour is loved by consumers so we’ve developed a 500ml PMP format to help convenience retailers offer a new exotic drink from a brand in demand.”

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