Maoam Stripes have just been added to MaoMix, Maoam’s selection of fruity chews.

Nadia Abou-Ragheb, Maoam brand manager, commented: “MaoMix is recognised for offering a great mix of Maoam chews, but we wanted to ensure that when our fans picked up this pack they were able to enjoy the best of what Maoam has to offer. Now that Stripes have been added they can do just that.

“Due to their success and growth in the market, Stripes are synonymous with the Maoam brand so we know that this news will be welcomed by those that enjoy this top selling treat.”

Maoam MaoMix is available nationwide in new look, vibrant packaging. The brightly coloured bags have been designed to reiterate the cheeky fun and playful nature of the brand, increase on-shelf visibility and also to strengthen its appeal amongst teens and young adults, Maoam’s core target market.

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