Peperami, the meaty snack brand owned by Jack Link’s, has unveiled a marketing campaign worth a six-figure sum to support the 2016 launches of its Tex-Mex flavour and Snack Pack format.

The campaign comprises three main elements: a TV sponsorship and branded partnership deal with Comedy Central UK, a dedicated ad campaign, and the return of the Pork Tour sampling campaign. All elements are linked by the concept of “When hunger strikes, snack back” and will feature the Peperami Animal and his mission of helping consumers defeat their hunger.

Pavan Chandra, senior marketing manager, Peperami, said: “Our Tex-Mex flavour and Snack Packs were exceptionally well received when it launched last year, and we’re looking to make even more of an impact in 2017. The Comedy Central UK sponsorship and branded partnership is the perfect fit for our target audience of 16-34 year old males, as is our humorous ad campaign. Keep an eye out for our Pork Truck in a location near you."