Tic Tac is appealing to digitally-savvy consumers with the launch of ‘Express Yourself’, a campaign which will see the T1 and T100 formats featuring emoticons expressing different emotions.

With over six billion emoticons sent every day in 2015 and still growing, the campaign aims to connect with the consumers of today, for whom digital is part of everyday life.

The ‘Express Yourself’ campaign will be available on Fresh Mint and Lime & Orange while stock lasts and will run alongside the standard core T1 and T100 to give shoppers the choice.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero, comments: “Tic Tac is a fun brand which allows us to launch creative campaigns and ‘Express Yourself’ is another example of this. With the popularity of emoticons on the rise, it seemed the perfect option for us to disrupt in a fun and engaging way.

“We have seen great success with our print on pill technology in multiple markets, now including the UK and Australia. We’ve run initial tests with consumers and know that there is strong support for ‘Express Yourself’, with nearly three quarters of respondents stating that they would buy the product, so we’re confident it will be well received by our shoppers yet again.

“The rise of digital in everyday life has led to consumers constantly identifying and adopting new trends and this is what we are trying to echo with our Tic Tac ‘Express Yourself’ campaign.”

The campaign will be supported as part of this year’s £2m media support, with visual displays in store and a bespoke social support plan on the Tic Tac UK & Ireland Facebook page.

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