Walkers is launching Bugles – crunchy cones – into the UK’s impulse channel from the end of June.

Nick McGrath, senior sales director, impulse at PepsiCo, commented: “We are excited to bring Bugles to the impulse channel. The range has been extremely popular throughout Europe and North America because of its fun shape, tasty crunch and great flavours, and we are confident that launching the product in the UK will fuel snacking sales for retailers here.

“We are confident that the theatre and excitement around this will help retailers continue to boost snacking sales, a category which is already growing at 2.7% year on year.”

The new launch will be supported with a new TV campaign alongside in-store shopper marketing and a social media campaign Walkers is also helping retailers maximise sales offered by the Bugles launch by producing a four-case mixed stacker of Bugles and Doritos best sellers.

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