SHS Drinks is aiming to bring a new element of fun and excitement to the at home consumption experience with the launch of WKD Original Blue in a new freeze pouch pack format.

Supplied in shelf-ready display outers of 9 x 250ml packs, the WKD Original Blue freeze pouches will have an RRP of £2.50 and the launch is being supported by via social media activity.

Debs carter, marketing director – alcohol at SHS Drinks, said: “Freeze pouches are currently taking the RTD market by storm. They are easily portable fun packs and have novelty appeal among 18 to 24-year old consumers who are excited by the latest new trends.

“Sales of freeze pouches have more than trebled from £5m to £16m over the course of the past year, accounting for almost half of the £11.4m increase in total take home RTD sales, and they really come into their own during the summer months. Last year, rates of sale of freeze pouches were one and a half times higher during this key trading period than at other times of the year.

“As WKD is the brand leading RTD, and WKD Blue is the biggest-selling RTD flavour accounting for 13% of all take home RTD sales, making WKD Original Blue available in the new freeze pouches is a natural extension to the choice of pack formats which will add even further to the appeal and popularity of our flagship WKD Blue variant.”

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