Lucozade is launching a new on-pack offer (OPO) across the full Lucozade Sport range.

‘The Kit Out Project’ will see shoppers collecting codes and redeeming them in return for free sports kit and equipment.

The OPO forms part of the brand’s wider £10m ‘Fuel to Rule campaign, and its roll out from August is timed to capture an engaged audience of amateur sportspeople following an exciting summer of sport.

Running for nine months, both sports teams and individuals have the chance to be kitted out in branded Lucozade Sport gear. Following extensive insight which shows that many sports clubs around the country do not have the funding for kit, the brand will be giving grassroots athletes the opportunity to win the equipment they need.

Vicky Morgan, marketing manager for Lucozade Sport, believes that particularly within the impulse sector, ‘The Kit Out Project’ will be an opportunity for retailers to engage with their local community as repeat purchases are set to increase and sports fans will be eager to take advantage of the OPO.

She says: “We have seen a great year so far with Lucozade Sport back in growth, the launch of our new Brazilian Guava variant and the introduction of our ‘Fuel to Rule’ campaign, which saw the return of Steven Gerrard as brand ambassador and the recent opening of our Conditions Zone.

“We want to ensure that Lucozade Sport remains centre stage following an intense summer of sport and are confident that ‘The Kit Out Project’ will be a hit with retailers and shoppers alike.

While retailers should see an increase in footfall in-store, the OPO will highlight the functionality behind Lucozade Sport to shoppers. As a brand it is important that we continue to educate amateur sportspeople on the benefits of drinking an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink, for enhancing hydration and fuelling performance during prolongued endurance exercise.”

Shoppers will be able to collect codes for ‘The Kit Out Project’ from the full Lucozade Sport and Lucozade Sport Lite ranges and can register online in order to redeem kit. While the primary focus will be football and rugby teams, for whom fully customisable match day and training kit will be available, there is also an offering for teams of other sports and individual sportspeople.

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