Have you seen the latest Tesco petrol promotion? It offers a staggering 50p off per litre of petrol. Now that’s a serious discount. I know you have to spend quite a lot to get the 10p-off vouchers (which you then can use together to take you to the 50p) but even so. It will most certainly attract shoppers.

I’m currently inundated with vouchers offering me money off petrol and I can’t be the only consumer in this position.

In my kitchen I have two ’5p off per litre’ at Tesco vouchers which I doubt I’ll use as I avoid Tesco as much as possible. I also have one from Sainsbury.

Now I don’t know if you have shopped in Sainsbury lately, but their tills are spewing out coupons like there’s no tomorrow. They have a Price Match where you get a coupon saying ’Your shopping was £1.09 cheaper here today’ or ’Here’s £1.09 towards your next shopping’. It’s not always £1.09 but you get my drift. However, their printers aren’t the best so I had one the other week that looked as if it was giving £200 off my next week’s shopping, but was in fact just £2-something.

Anyway, my latest coupon gives me 9p off petrol at Sainsbury’s if I spend £20 on toiletries, healthcare and pharmacy products. And as these health and beauty products are typically more expensive than a can of beans, that’s easily done.

Moving on, and looking around for new products I haven’t noticed much that’s really caught my eye. But I am a new convert to Mattessons Fridge Raiders!

To be honest, I’ve never liked the look of them. The product picture on pack is not at all appealing plus it’s not exactly clear what they are. As I was writing an article on chilled food, I decided to try them. I was pleasantly surprised so much so that I can recommend the piri piri and tikka varieties.

Meanwhile, I was pleased to hear that a favourite product of mine the Frijj milkshake has reached a landmark and become a £50m-plus brand. Much of this success has been put down to the popularity of the Incredible variants. But I just stick to plain old chocolate the original and the best.

Talking of chocolate, I’ve just got round to trying Cadbury’s new chocolate popcorn and what a delight it is.

Lots of chocolate covers each popcorn piece absolutely delicious!