The McCoy’s Specials premium crisps range has been extended with the launch of two new sharing packs and a vegetarian handypack.

Spanish chorizo sausage joins the 160g sharing range, while Thai sweet chicken – the most popular 50g handypack flavour – is now available in the 160g format.

The handypack range has also been extended to include its first vegetarian variant. Cheddar with mango chutney – one of the best performing flavours in the sharing range – is now available in a 50g format in cases with a ‘suitable for vegetarians’ flash.

Manufacturer UBUK reports that the Specials range is already proving to be a big success. Paul Graham, impulse trading director, says: “Less than six months from launch, McCoy’s Specials is worth £7.2m and is already a top five player in the growing £338m adult premium sharing market. Due to continued demand from consumers and retailers, we are now extending the range with some delicious new editions.”

The 160g sharing range also includes jalapeno chilli with cheese, oriental ribs, peppered rib eye steak and Cheddar with mango chutney.

The 50g handypack range includes oriental ribs and peppered rib eye steak.

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